Sex Simulator

About Sex Simulator

We are a team of video game lovers since always. As we are very curious we wanted to play porn games to test and make our own opinion. Following this we had the idea to create the Sex Simulator website to share with you our discoveries of online sex simulators as well as new free porn games.

With the time we spend on video games, we can say that we have become true experts in the field. Not a day goes by that we don't play... Or maybe it's really rare!

How do we choose the games we present?

We stay on the lookout for new games to test them quickly and give you our opinion on them. We try to test most of the adult porn games so as soon as a new game is released we test it and give you a little presentation. Covering all the XXX adult video games takes time and unfortunately it's difficult to test them all but we do our best!

How do we test porn games?

First of all, we go to the game's website to see what it looks like. Then we register to be able to test it and evaluate a little the quality of the graphics, the gameplay and the sound.

Do we get paid to talk about these games?

The Sex Simulator website uses affiliation to get paid. Some games give us a commission when you register or when you spend money in the store.

How do I contact the games customer service?

We are independent from the video games we present on Sex Simulator. Therefore we invite you to contact directly the customer service of the game in question if you have any question about a particular game. You will find the information to contact the customer service on the official website of the game you are interested in.

How to contact us?

On the other hand, if you want to contact the Sex Simulator team for a question about our site or to suggest games then you can contact us from our contact form!