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Cyberslut 2069: the sex simulator inspired by Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberslut 2069

Cyberslut 2069 is the best sex simulator of the moment! It is an open world porn RPG that promises maximum freedom in gameplay. In single or multiplayer version, you will dive into a dystopian and futuristic atmosphere worthy of Cyberpunk 2077. So if you want to test it, discover our complete opinion on Cyberslut 2069!

Cyberslut 2069 porn game

Cyberslut 2069: a futuristic porn game

With Cyberslut 2069, you dive into the futuristic and dystopian universe of Cyberpunk 2077! Except that here, it's an online porn game that takes place in the megalopolis of Nooky City. You play as Z, a character who will plunge you into hot and steamy adventures. In addition, this sex simulator is a porn RPG with a single player version or a multiplayer version.

And to go even further, Cyberslut 2069 is an open world! This means that you can explore all the porn worlds in the game to interact with all the characters. And as you take control of Z, you are immediately immersed in an addictive universe that offers you maximum freedom in your actions and in the proposed environment! Moreover, as soon as you register, you have the possibility to customize your character to fit your desires and fantasies. This makes the experience even more immersive with a maximum of thrills on the agenda.

Besides the main quest, you'll have daily side quests to keep the pressure on. In addition, this porn game bets on a maximum of sensations with the possibility to have fun via webcam sex sessions or virtual reality porn. Propelled in November 2020, Cyberslut 2069 remains unique in its kind and promises you an unprecedented experience!

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Cyberslut 2069 gameplay

Cyberslut 2069 gameplay

With Cyberslut 2069, you will have the possibility to play as several punk characters and to evolve in different universes. From the very first minutes, it is a porn simulator that plunges you into a totally futuristic and hyper realistic CyberPunk world. In this context, you go on adventures where sex, romance and power are mixed. As in most of the sex simulators, you will have the possibility to assign particular characteristics to your character according to your desires. This is particularly the case for sexual deviances with anal sex, deep throat, domination, fetishism or nymphomania.

Moreover, as soon as you register, you will have to answer a small questionnaire which will allow you to refine your desires to personalize the experience. This is what makes this game so addictive, since you are on a quest that adapts exactly to your wildest fantasies! Depending on the level of customization, you will be able to meet characters and follow a quest that adapts exactly to your desires.

As you go on your quest, Cyberslut 2069 offers bionic enhancements for even more excitement. Among them is a vibrating hand that you can manipulate according to the characters you meet. As you turn into a real vibrator, you'll ramp up the excitement to get into the action. And thanks to sex scenes entirely in HD, you'll be entitled to a maximum of details... As for the hormone boost, you make the scene even harder for an intense sexual pleasure. But this game does not stop there and still has many surprises in store for you... We leave it to you to discover them without spoiling you!

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A RPG porn game in an open world

cyber punk porn simulator open world

Cyberslut 2069 is a porn RPG in an open world! It's a first for a sex simulator that propels you in different environments that you can freely explore to interact with all the characters. In addition, and as we'll see a little later, it's available on multiple platforms, which gives you even more freedom. So obviously, it's a porn game that quickly becomes addictive since it's available in single player or multiplayer version for maximum sensations. In addition, you will have several missions to complete every day to maximize the experience and avoid finishing the game too quickly.

In terms of the available worlds, you will dive into an ultra-realistic design with exceptional details worthy of Cyberpunk 2077! During all your sexual adventures, you travel through the megalopolis of Nooky City which plunges us into a punk atmosphere. Particularly animated, the city is dedicated to lust and breathes perversion and sexual desires. To advance in your adventures, you can explore the city center, the slum or the plains near the city.

Each of these areas has its own specificities... You can meet vicious gang leaders, sex professionals or celebrities with an insatiable libido. Then, it's up to you to see how to seduce them with the help of your bionic enhancements for hyper hard scenarios. As for the settings for your sexual romps, you can get your kicks in public places or in brothels!

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How to play Cyberslut 2069 online?

To play Cyberslut 2069 online, you just have to go directly to the official website. Then, you will have to answer a few questions that will allow you to customize your character to make the experience even more erotic. Once you have fully answered the form, you will have the opportunity to create your free account for this porn game. This will be used to save your games to continue exploring the Cyberpunk worlds. And to finalize the registration, you will have to enter your credit card information.

Then, you will have the opportunity to play this online sex simulator in single or multiplayer mode. As you dive into an interactive universe, you will discover a very rich and varied scenario. Moreover, Cyberslut 2069 adapts exactly to your choices to make the experience even more exciting. Every day, you will have to complete daily missions that will lead you to discover the different worlds of the open world. It's a trick that prevents you from finishing the game too quickly and still keeps the pressure on with super hard sex scenes!

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Is Cyberslut porn simulator free?

free rpg porn game

Cyberslut 2069 offers you a free two-day trial. This allows you to discover the exciting worlds of the sex simulator for 48 hours totally free! However, when you register, you will have to enter your credit card details to play this porn game. Then, it's up to you to decide if you want to continue the adventure with a paid subscription to continue having fun.

That's why you'll have to pay attention at the end of the trial period to know if you want to validate the subscription or not. If you just want to try the game without paying anything, then you will have to cancel the subscription at the end of the trial period. For this, we invite you to read the conditions of your subscription to avoid unpleasant surprises!

In concrete terms, Cyberslut 2069 is available for free for two days thanks to the trial offer, which allows you to familiarize yourself with its futuristic universe and its breathtaking graphics!

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On which platforms can we play Cyberslut 2069?

As Cyberslut 2069 has a multiplayer option with an open world porn RPG, you will have the possibility to play on different platforms. This is a great first in terms of sensations and interactions with the characters of a porn game. You will be able to explore this sex simulator on :

  • PC
  • PS4 and PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Stadia

This is a huge advantage to give you maximum freedom in gameplay. In fact, it's what explains why Cyberslut 2069 is emerging as one of the most popular porn games of the moment. By travelling through different universes and interacting with different characters, you dive into a hyper exciting adventure that plunges you into the harsher sexual deviances.

In addition, the developers have gone to great lengths to propel you into a realistic and immersive universe! With this sex simulator, you'll be able to enjoy free webcam sex sessions or virtual reality porn. What to keep the pressure for hours with side quests that systematically maintain the excitement at its peak!

Cyberslut 2069 review

cyberslut porn

If you liked Cyberpunk 2077, you will love Cyberslut 2069! With this porn simulator, you dive exactly in the same futuristic and dystopian universe. Moreover, the graphics are amazing with an exceptional level of detail, especially for the sex scenes in HD!

Very innovative, this sex simulator plunges you into a totally immersive dimension since it is the first open world porn RPG! You will be able to move freely on the map to follow the main quest or the side quests. Every day, you will have the right to daily quests to maximize the game time and keep the pressure on. Like most porn games, Cyberpunk 2077 invites you to customize your character according to sexual deviances. Then, you'll have the choice between single and multiplayer mode to conquer this CyberPunk world!

You will be able to give life to your wildest fantasies with romance or hard sex. In addition, you have the possibility to participate in free webcam sex sessions or virtual reality porn. Available on several platforms to allow you to have fun in complete freedom, Cyberslut 2069 offers a free trial for two days! So you have more than enough to do for 48 hours to test one of the best porn games of the moment!

The game Cyberslut 2069 is also available in other languages: