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Jerkdolls : porn game to fuck virtual sex dolls


Do you dream of a porn game without limits with quality 3D graphics? Then Jerkdolls is the sex simulator for you! Thanks to it, you'll be able to build up a real harem of sex slaves to bring your wildest fantasies to life. In addition, you will have many features to customize your sex doll according to your desires. We tested Jerkdolls for you and to make it short we recommend you to play this game!

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Jerkdolls: a game for sex doll lovers

To put it simply, Jerkdolls is a fully interactive online sex simulator. It is an online porn game that allows you to realize all your fantasies with real sex dolls! In addition, there is for all the tastes and for all the desires. Milf, hot student, sexy brunette... All these luscious girls are waiting for only one thing: to be submitted to satisfy you!

Jerkdolls porn game

In addition, this porn game offers stunning graphics with 3D images for a real immersion in the gameplay. You will be able to admire your performance in the smallest details while living the sexual act as intensely as possible. Here again, you will have the choice between soft, intense or hard sex scenes.

As far as the game is concerned, you will have access to a single player mode or a multiplayer mode to have fun with others and satisfy your most unmentionable fantasies. As you progress, you'll even be able to create your own sex doll that matches your exact preferences. The ultimate goal of Jerkdolls is to build a harem of sexy dolls that are always ready to satisfy you and explore your fantasies beyond the limit!

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Jerkdolls: a game for sex doll lovers

Ranked among the top 25 online sex games, Jerkdolls propels you into a pornographic universe that brings your wildest fantasies to life. As soon as you start, you'll have the choice to have fun with several luscious sex dolls in all positions! Plus, there's something for everyone with young students, mature women, hot brunettes or Indomitable Latinos.

With ultra-detailed graphics, you'll be able to have fun with 3D scenes that propel you into total immersion for maximum fun. In addition, as you progress, you build up a real harem of sex slaves who are always ready to satisfy you to test new fantasies. Terribly addictive, this sex simulator also offers you to create your own sex doll to meet your exact unmentionable desires. As for the settings, you dive on your partner in a private jet, a car, a train or a public toilet for a good dose of thrills.

sex dolls porn game

Goal and gameplay of Jerkdolls

To start playing Jerkdolls, all you have to do is go directly to the site to validate some information about your identity. It is an essential first step with some questions which aim at checking if you are major. Then, a small questionnaire will allow us to orient you towards the sex doll that best corresponds to your expectations. You will have the choice between three sexy girls: Lauren, Jada and Jessica.

Then, it is you who will refine her morphology by choosing the size of her buttocks and the size of her breasts. Once this first step is validated, you will be invited to confirm your registration by creating a user account with your name and email address. The big advantage of this online sex simulator is that you can enjoy a 4K resolution by downloading it directly to your computer. You will also have the right to a mobile version that adapts perfectly to the size of your screen to take it wherever you want.

As you progress through Jerkdolls, you'll discover a multitude of features with up to 100 different options to enjoy a new experience. This is what allows you to control the weight, morphology or appearance of your sex doll to create the object of your wildest fantasies. There are thousands of combinations available with a simple click and unlimited. And if you prefer to go to the basics, you can also turn to sex dolls bearing the image of porn stars or celebrities.

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A few words about the game's graphics

Really addictive, Jerkdolls sets the bar very high in terms of graphics. Moreover, by downloading it directly to your computer, you can enjoy 4K resolution with uncensored 3D sex scenes. To make the most of the experience, you'll have the opportunity to explore your wildest fantasies and sexually dominate your sex doll as you see fit. You choose from a variety of settings including public restrooms, luxury apartments, private jets and trains.

From the start, you start seducing your sexy doll with simple touches to test her sexual desires and appetite. Soon, you'll be able to test a variety of positions with different speed modes, whether it's missionary, doggy style or andromache. You'll even get close-ups for oral sex, anal sex or penetration. As for the options, you can use fetish objects by accumulating points or even switch to the gloryhole or bangbang function. In short, Jerkdolls pushes the limits to the maximum!

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How to play Jerkdolls?

To play Jerkdolls, nothing could be easier! By connecting you directly on the official site, you just have to answer some usual questions to check your identity and your majority. Then, a small questionnaire will allow to better target your preferences to direct you towards the sex doll which you like. To validate your registration, you will have to enter your user name and your email address to have access to this sex simulator. The codes of your bank card are also to be informed because beyond a period of test, this porn game is transformed into paying subscription.

Is Jerkdolls a free or paid game?

Like most browser porn games, Jerkdolls offers a two-day free trial period. This gives you plenty of time to discover the features of this sex simulator. On the other hand, if you don't want to turn your obsession into a subscription, then you'll have to think about cancelling your subscription before the end of the trial period to avoid any unpleasant surprises. To do this, remember to read the terms and conditions carefully. On the other hand, if you want to continue the adventure by taking advantage of the experience, then the paid subscription will give you the right to many additional accessories to customize your game experience as you wish!

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Final word and Jerkdolls review

We really enjoyed playing Jerkdolls! The gameplay and experience was very nice. You are well guided all the way through and we found the game to be accessible even to beginner players!

To conclude, Jerkdolls is a must-have sex simulator in the online porn game world. Easily accessible, you will be able to play it on any support, whether it is on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. So you can take it anywhere to enjoy yourself anytime. In addition, the developers are going all out on the graphics side with hyper-detailed 3D sex scenes that will definitely raise the excitement level.

Thanks to regular updates, you can enjoy a wide range of features to customize your sex doll as you please and continue your adventures. Completely free to sign up, Jerkdolls offers you a free 2-day trial period to start building a veritable harem of submissive sex slaves ready to satisfy your every desire. Moreover, there is absolutely no limit to your fantasies with sex toys, multiple positions and different settings. In short, Jerkdolls is a must try!

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