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Sex Emulator: Best 3D Sex Simulator Game

Sex Emulator

The graphics of video games are becoming more and more realistic and the evolution of technologies and programming techniques has made it possible to make them more realistic. In addition to sports, heroic fantasy, strategy and shooting games, there is another category of video game that is less known to the general public, but even more stimulating: erotic video games, also known as sex simulators. Very realistic and therefore stimulating, they allow players to realize their fantasies live with the possibility of personalizing their characters. Sex Emulator is one of these games that allow you to simulate sex scenes in French and in 3D. Are you looking for free games? Then you can play the best sex simulator games!

Presentation of the game Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator is an online sex game that allows you to simulate live sex scenes thanks to some very special features.

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The possibility to customize your character

The first particularity of Sex Emulator, and what makes the game particularly attractive, is that you can customize your 3D characters. With the editor, you can customize almost everything about the physical appearance of your partners. Start by choosing a name for your partner and then define his origin, the shape of his face and all the features of his body, such as the size of his breasts for example. This first phase of the game is very stimulating and offers an initial introduction for the player who gradually immerses himself in the atmosphere.

A sex simulator game to give orders

The other phase of the game consists in giving orders to your characters. This is where things start to heat up, as the player will be able to control the scenario from A to Z. You can ask them to undress, perform oral sex, masturbate, take a certain position or play with sex toys. You are not only a spectator, but also an actor and you can decide everything for your characters. The game offers a lot of actions to be done live. You can also choose your location, but also the intensity of the action to go faster or slower or harder.

An interactive 3D sex simulator

What makes the online game Sex Emulator particularly original compared to other sex simulators are the interactive moments that bring the excitement to a climax, in addition to the great variety of actions, positions and possible scenarios. Indeed, the girls' voices are not phrases created from scratch with a robot, but real voices. This makes the game even more realistic and exciting, because you really experience the scenes as if you were immersed in them.

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A very nice background music

The music of the game is very nice, this is another positive point that has been highlighted by the players. We can't imagine how much the music plays in the rise of the desire and the excitement. However, Sex Emulator, like all good online sex simulators, does not neglect the interest of sexual stimulation through music and will immerse you in a sound atmosphere that you will love.

How to play Sex Emulator?

To play Sex Emulator, it is very simple. You just have to register online on the website and create a personal account. After having given the necessary information, you can finally start to discover step by step the universe and the atmosphere of the game. Start by creating your characters and then let yourself be tempted by the different actions you can ask them to do. You won't be disappointed to see how much you can make them do things that you will love.

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Is Sex Emulator free?

To play Sex Emulator for free, you don't need to go looking for a hack since the publisher offers users to try its game online for free. To do this, you just need to create an account. You will have the opportunity to test the game's options, but not all of them, because Sex Emulator is a paid game. After the trial period, and if you want to explore even more intense fantasies, you'll have to take out your credit card.

Sex Emulator pros

Sex Emulator uses hyper realistic 3D graphics. Thanks to this game, you will be able to imagine and live sex scenes as if you were there and reach the ultimate excitement. The interactive elements will allow you to live the scenes and give orders to your sexual partners to direct the scene as you wish. The possibilities are almost unlimited so that you can give free rein to your wildest fantasies live.

The other good thing is that the girls are really hot and you will be able to customize them to your taste.

Sex Emulator cons

If we had to give a negative aspect of Sex Emulator, it is that you have to take out your bank card at some point. Unfortunately, the free version only lasts for a limited time, and you'll have to pay in the end if you want to continue playing with your favorite characters and give free rein to your most unmentionable desires and your craziest fantasies. But considering what's in store for you, it's worth a try.

Sex Emulator review

Very popular in 2019, Sex Emulator has made even more followers in 2020 and 2021 especially among men (and even women), especially among singles during confinement. But this game also attracts people in couples who don't dare to admit their fantasies to their partner or who want to feel the exciting taste of forbidden games.

The game is very realistic thanks to its impressive 3D graphics and dialogues recorded with real voices. The effect is further enhanced by the fact that this game is one of the few online sex simulators.

Try it and you will love it...

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